Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October.. so far

It's kind of funny that nothing motivates me like craft blogs! And it's not just motivating me to make more crafts either (although it definitely does that!). It makes me want to finish some of the half-done projects I've got kicking around. It also helps me keep my house in decent condition because I think, "If these super-women can keep their houses spotless and put together a new craft and tutorial every day, then I can do a lot more!" I feel empowered. :D
Paul's birthday was a great day! We had some extra time to be together because of his class schedule that day. He got some great presents that he was hoping for and one that he didn't know that he desperately needed it until he unwrapped it. He didn't get his cake until the day after. Adilee signed "Happy Day" for him... actually I don't know that she ever did both parts for him... but she was signing it for me all day! :)
I know there's more to October, but I'm tuckered out and Paul's going to be home soon so we can go to bed!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Before Adilee wakes up!

I thought I'd put up a post quick hopefully before Adilee wakes up, because if I do it after it will be MUCH more difficult! She loves to play on the computer when she sees me typing.

Anyway, life is good! Adilee is not really a baby anymore. She's really starting to get the hang of walking. She feeds herself almost everything and is getting better each day at using a spoon and fork. She's getting down to one nap! In some ways it's exciting because when she does do one nap it's a lot longer and it's SO easy to put her down. In other ways it's difficult because some days she still needs two naps so it's hard to plan things because I don't know if she'll be tired by 11 or 1:30. And if I try to put her down too early it's just frustrating for both of us! My dear little toddler! What a fun stage of life!

Paul is turning into quite the runner! And he's helping Kostya burn some energy while he's at it. He's going to be doing a 5K for his work's Corporate Olympics. We're both really excited! He's been doing so great building up his stamina the past couple months. I'm so proud of him. And he's happy that he's finally rubbing off on me. :D I started on his running system today and it thoroughly kicked my butt. It doesn't make me want to do it any less though. It starts off "easy" (which just shows me how out of shape I really am!) and gradually increases. I think I'll be at "week 1" for at least 2 weeks, but I'm feeling very motivated.

I've realized that I am a total extrovert... well I knew that before, but I'm re-realizing it. :) I really need to be interacting with other people to charge my batteries. I think I'd really like to take a dance class or aerobics or something like that. That way I have something scheduled each week where I know I'm going to see other people (other than Paul and Adilee), not have to worry about Adilee for a little bit, and get some exercise that doesn't feel like exercise! I don't know how to work it out after the semester starts though because I'm going to become a school-widow with Paul working his buns off at school and work. I'm sure I can find a way.

Wow! Adilee's still asleep!