Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October.. so far

It's kind of funny that nothing motivates me like craft blogs! And it's not just motivating me to make more crafts either (although it definitely does that!). It makes me want to finish some of the half-done projects I've got kicking around. It also helps me keep my house in decent condition because I think, "If these super-women can keep their houses spotless and put together a new craft and tutorial every day, then I can do a lot more!" I feel empowered. :D
Paul's birthday was a great day! We had some extra time to be together because of his class schedule that day. He got some great presents that he was hoping for and one that he didn't know that he desperately needed it until he unwrapped it. He didn't get his cake until the day after. Adilee signed "Happy Day" for him... actually I don't know that she ever did both parts for him... but she was signing it for me all day! :)
I know there's more to October, but I'm tuckered out and Paul's going to be home soon so we can go to bed!

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Krista Eger said...

I cannot get Audrey to sign. It's so weird. Nate was signing a bunch by her age. Each kid is different! She signs milk. That's it haha! Guess it's the only thing she cares about! Haha!!
I can't look at craft blogs. I want to do them ALL! We need to have a craft day where our babies play while we work
on our projects!!